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Data Protection & Backup Solutions

Bulletproof your company data with 24-7, hands-off backup solutions

Nerds "R" Us is proud to offer a complete 24×7 backup and disaster recovery solution called DataValut-S. This feature packed solution offers small to medium businesses seamless backup, archiving and virtualization capabilities.

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Real-Time Backup from Nerds "R" Us offers:

  • Backups as often as every 15 minutes. This means mid-day data loss problem are solved.
  • Seamless and secure off-site storage to two redundant co-location facilities.
  • Virtualization of failed servers within hours, not days.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of backup integrity.
  • Individual Exchange email message-level restores.
  • Restoration of failed server to dissimilar hardware if server replacement necessary.
  • Block-level backups ensure no open-file errors.
  • Backup to disk eliminates defective backup tapes.


Nerds "R" Us can eliminate costly data backup solutions while simultaneously reducing time spent on ensuring your data is secure. Rest assured knowing that should a disaster happen, you will be up and running within hours.

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