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Business Communications powered by Nerds “R” Us cloud-based VoIP

Our VoIP system is fully customizable for your business needs. The biggest advantage to VoIP is that your business will save a bundle on costs. Since you are receiving calls over the internet, you cut out the cost of a phone line entirely! In addition to cutting costs, VoIP offers a much wider array of features than traditional phone systems. Stay on top of communications when you’re out of the office with email and text notifications that deliver the voice message directly to you. Create your own custom on-hold music to deliver company messages to callers while they wait.

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Virtual Receptionist

An automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides customized messages to connect callers to pre-configured locations

Web Portal Interface

Users can configure and manage their own services with an easy-to-use web interface

Time-of-Day Routes

Allows call routing based on schedules configured in the portal

Find Me/Follow Me

Locates you at up to five pre-configured locations

Nerds “R” Us VoIP is easy to install and personalize. Contact us today to find out more about all the great features of our fully customizable and affordable VoIP for businesses.

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